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Total Landscape Corporation
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Water is a very important resource. It affects both the viability and the cost of maintaining a healthy landscape. A well-designed and well-installed irrigation system can transform a landscape into a lush and beautiful garden. An improperly designed or poorly maintained system can slowly destroy a landscape while driving up your water bill.


We are pro-active in our care of existing systems. We are an IA Certified Irrigation contractor. Our certified technicians can handle everything from simple repairs and clock adjustments to certifying back flow prevention devices. In addition, our Certified Irrigation Auditors can provide water audits, which give our clients a clear picture of system usage and costs. Armed with this information we can then provide advice on efficiency upgrades that will help conserve water resources while providing substantial long-term savings.


The systems we design is not only the most efficient and robust but it is tailored to  your specific landscape needs, and will be installed to the highest industry standard using the most current and smartest technology available.